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Minecraft Server List

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1 Cyclopean

A vanilla 1.15.2 minecraft survival experience with little staff interference. Chat is not moderated, age 18+ suggested. There is no grief protection and no map resets.

1/30 online
2 ClubNetwork


ClubNetwork is a small community Minecraft network that supports many fun gamemodes and is always expanding its selection!

1/500 online
3 Sadduurs Den (Whitelisted)

0/0 offline
4 Shire


Shire is a cracked skywars server with lots of cool kits and stuff and is actually on 1.15.2

0/0 offline
5 RazorStorm Factions


RazorStorm aims to provide a Classic Factions Experience found in 2013/2014. Call us a counter-culture Factions server. We focus on gameplay where the community is more involved with one another.

0/250 online
6 Valhalla VIPs


Survival, Factions, Raiding, Creative and FUN

0/25 online
7 toxicbot2019


do /join chojy6812 to fully join

0/0 online
8 Legends Town


0/0 offline